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  • 0390288971 "Hi I live in Australia - it is now midday, a little while ago I received a brief call on my mobile, which immediately diverted to message bank and it ... "
  • 039 "number on caller id was just 039. i answered foreign woman then she hung up. where is this from? anyone know? will i be charged a fortune? ... "
  • 03939393939 "they have called us daily and at least 3 times today already ... "
  • 03939393939 "Having calls a year and half. ... "

  • 03939393939 "Fed up with their calls daily. Our numbers ex directory and we are registered tostop marketing calls. Extremely irritating. ... "
  • 03939393939 "I've had loads of calls from this company at various times of the day and the weekend but they mostly withold the number. I am TPS and ex-directory. I ... "
  • 03939393939 "Am disgusted this number calls every day, 5 times today. Latest call has been after 2000!They ask for someone who doesnt live here and when i ask them ... "
  • 03939393939 "Received a call from that number ...When I answered it it seemed to be recording my voice. Then when i called it back it just rang dead. ... "
  • 03939393939 "Fed up with this number keep ringing and then hanging up. 6 times today already ... "
  • 03939393939 "i answered and no one answered it hung up as soon as i picked hand set up/ ... "
  • 03939393939 "Three calls today but we were suspicious and didn't answer. Damn nuisance. ... "
  • 03939393939 "this number keeps calling when i answer they hang up getting the ***** ing hump even calls at stupid oclock at night ... "
  • 03939393939 "This number has called my house several times within the last week. We have been told it is 'UK Opinion Polls' and that by doing a poll they will sav ... "
  • 03939393939 "Called, left no message; when I tried to phone back said the number was not recognised. Do not seem to be legitimate. ... "
  • 03939393939 "keep getting calls from this number asking whether it's Mrs/Ms X, when I ask who is calling they say it's some survey, when I probe a bit more they pu ... "
  • 03939393939 "Had a call from this number, there is no answer and it got cut off. Recentely I've had several call without nobody at the end of the line and I suspec ... "
  • 03939393939 "Recieved call from this number asking a lot of questions, some of them personal. Sounded like it was from a foreign call centre and they knew my full ... "
  • 03939393939 "I have had a call from this number 6 times within half an hour, I am getting really annoyed ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
039-368-1650 039-887-6777 039-792-9703