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  • 0798521214 "This person is a scammer. Potentially buys/sells event tickets but scam people out of their money. Facebook profile belongs to a Gugu Angel, most prob ... "
  • 0798521214 "The owner of this number scammed me R1950 via cash send, after I sent confirmation he blocked me I want to lay charges against this person but all his ... "
  • 0798521214 "The owner of this number scammed me R1950 via cash send after I sent confirmation of payment he blocked me, how do I get his information to lay charge ... "
  • 07903112875 "I keep getting abusive calls from this number ... "

  • 07949 013525 "Calls randomly to ask who I am, sounds and acts weird both times they did this. ... "
  • 0799846930 "insults and threats ... "
  • 07933824669 "Crazed woman accusing me of being over familiar with her husband, dont even know who he or she is!! ... "
  • 07949734652 "insulting texts and phone call stupid hourstried texting back and calling phone always switched off ... "
  • 07933824669 "Mad woman named lena field phoning and accusing me of sleeping with her husband. screaming and swearing down the phone and calling me all sorts of ob ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
07958413123 079-188-9721 07981233791 07949763542 079332320675 07922167572 07966314950