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  • 1-011-509-2965 "said it was the IRS last call before going to file a lawsuit.said to call 509-295-6448...I didn't ... "
  • 101619 "Repeating calls from different numbers but this abbreviated number same scam. Indian accent knows me by name claiming from Microsoft and insisting a d ... "
  • 101192529 "called @ 5:31am. Hung up after 2 rings ... "
  • 101619 "Female claimed to be with Microsoft and said they were receiving numerous error messages from my home computer. I laughed at her and told her I worked ... "

  • 101192529 "28 calls in 3 days. Police & phone company say they can't help. ... "
  • 101192529 "This number, as well as 925-29 are calling me multiple times a day at all hours and just hanging up. How can I make this stop? ... "
  • 101619 "called me around 10:30 a.m. but i didn't get to the phone in time. When they left a voice message it was all static... No idea who it may have been ti ... "
  • 101619 "Indian male called husband cell claiming he was from Microsoft and we had a virus on the computer. He claimed that he would remove it, he just need to ... "
  • 101619 ""Someone calling me about errors and viruses. Heavy Indian accent and I tried to explain a couple time that I can't really be bothered with anyth ... "
  • 101619 "Indian man supposedly from Microsoft said my computer was infected with a virus and was sending error messages to Microsoft's HQ. Wanted me to turn o ... "
  • 101619 "Same as above, a lady with an Indian accent asked for me by my formal name and I knew it was not someone calling about anything legit. ... "
  • 101619 "Got a phone call from someone with an Indian accent telling me they were from Microsoft. I told her (him?) that i was eating dinner and that I couldn' ... "
  • 101619 "Someone claiming to be from Microsoft asking to download something. Told me to download remote access software. Not giving anyone that access. Very un ... "
  • 101619 "Lady with an India accent telling me about a problem or something that has to do with my internet connection and microsoft.... I don't even have inter ... "
  • 101619 "Someone claiming to be from Microsoft asking to download something. ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
101 101447