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  • 1234567890 "I received a voicemail saying they would connect me to the social security administration's office. Also mentioning a majestrate, judge or grand jury ... "
  • 1234567890 "I got a call from this number and it was a machine saying someone stole my social security number and there was fraudulent activity on it and they was ... "
  • 12344213806 "Scammer from outside the US asking for gift cards to pay shipping for money won from lottery winner who wants to share ... "

  • 1-2345 "Must've ended up on a list. Keep getting calls from random telemarketers. Not getting removed from their list even when I say to. ... "
  • 123-456-7890 "I keep getting regular phone calls from somebody who may be or sounds like he is from India with an Indian accent and in the back round I hear other p ... "
  • 1234567890 "i said hi who is this he said i see you he was denfinite indian ... "
  • 1234567890 "caller from 1234567890 left two messages within 45 minutes saying " press 1 now in order to claim your refund" We were "scammed" t ... "
  • 1234567890 "Received a call from +1234567890 and sent it to voicemail. I have been called by this number 3 times since yesterday and it is always a pre-recorded m ... "
  • 1234567890 "I sent this call to voicemail and the voicemail left was part of a prerecorded message about changing my IP address. I use a University wi-fi. There u ... "
  • 123456097 "Did not answer weird calls all day ... "
  • 1234355 "sounded foriegn, asked to speak with no one I know - not me.When I said that they had the wrong #, they hung up on me. ... "
  • 1234355 "I answered with the last 4 digits of my phone number and the call disconnected ... "
  • 123456097 "Said wanted money. Said was going to hack bank account. ... "
  • 123456789 "They call me constantly! I am elderly and this is harassment! I told them to never call me again yet they call up to 20 times a day. Help! ... "
  • 123456789 "I am receiving phone calls alternately between this number and 0123456789. when I answer there is no one there. They are calling every 15 minutes. I a ... "
  • 1234567890 "Called and asked for the mrs. Of the house. I said no. Oh i must have the wrong number. Well actually trying to reach mr. When i asked who it was and ... "
  • 1234567890 "When I tried calling the number back, it states the number is not valid. Could this be a number trying to hack into our internet system trying to get ... "
  • 1234567890 "Same message as A Holiday received. Computer locked ... "
  • 1234567890 "A woman's voice on a prerecorded message left a voice mail that said: "Call 1-844-879-3977 as soon as possible, otherwise we have to lock your co ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
12345424682 12368002771 12393603137 12396662798 12399840354 12314988045 12312451633 12354840009 12394826174 12318933506 12343601415 12392062737 12325556985 123899306 12314158 123 123456