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  • 17576982259 "Phoned and asked for my name and address even after I repeatedly asked for whom they were calling. She stated her name was REENA or something similar ... "
  • 17577237856 "Spammer ... "
  • 17572966139 "11:58 am on 8/13/21 ... "
  • 17588623011 "spammer+17588623011 ... "

  • 17575944624 "This phone number calls my cell and hangs up. ... "
  • 17575944621 "This phone number keeps calling my cell and hanging up ... "
  • 17572765197 "something about IRS and I have a warrent for my arrest ... "
  • 17572765197 "Saying there's a warent out for me. Want this to stop in a power wheelchair. Have a very sick daughter. Thanks ... "
  • 17542348132 "An Indian guy called me from this number when I return the call it was a lady saying she never called me. Because they're doing this for voice recogni ... "
  • 17542108880 "Caller named 'Roger' said there will be legal action against me. But, I do not think this will occur since this is definitely nonsense. I did have the ... "
  • 17542108880 "Occasion regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours and once it get expired after that you w ... "
  • 17542108880 "that number left iMessage on my voicemail it cut in in the middle of a sentence weird funny sounding robot voice said I had for criminal investigation ... "
  • 17542108880 "Same as above. Didn't answer, but a recorded message was left saying if I didn't call back they were going to send me to jail. Well the joke is on the ... "
  • 17542108880 "Call said they were from the IRS and that they were passing my information over to the FBI ... "
  • 17542108880 "Caller left a threatening voicemail saying that I could be sent to jail. Called back and was put on hold forever. Finally got someone who had a very t ... "
  • 17542108880 "caller with a heavy accent of unknown region called and gave barely-understandable but detailed identification including alleged IRS badge #, name, et ... "
  • 17542108880 "They said that they were the IRS and that I was going to be facing charges if I do not pay them now ... "
  • 17542108880 "When I said that I was a CAPThat asked for my husband. When I said that he was not with me they hung up. ... "
  • 17542108880 "Same as everyone else!! Let them send the cops, I could use a free vacation. ... "
  • 17542108880 "That if i did not call this number back legal action would be pressed ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
17542588043 17575102590 17575687499 17569856358 17572969847 17574532359 17572969042