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  • 2364704808 "Texted me with 19 other phone numbers in mass messaging ... "
  • 2364641880 "Spam phone number, do not click any links from them! ... "
  • 2367989295 "calls are placed to our number as many as 12 or more times a day ,no one answers. ... "
  • 2365258975 "This number calls multiple times per day. No one is at the other end, and the number can't be called back. ... "

  • 2367896543 "The people call and say you won money like $9000 and then they give you another number to call to receive it. If you don't call in like an hour they c ... "
  • 2367896543 "Federal something. Then came. Can you hear me? ... "
  • 236589865 "At10:30 a.m. this morning I got a call from phone # 236-589-865 when I googled it to see what the number was it was a sonically network called VK. No ... "
  • 236589865 "They called me and when I answered they hung up I redialed but with only 3 numbers not 4 for last 4 could not redial. They did to stop calling me. ... "
  • 236-589-865 "U.S. government grant ... "
  • 236526553 "Claimed that he was from IT and they were getting security warnings from my computer they last couple days while I was on it. Told him I had not been ... "
  • 236526553 "Said he was IT from "Global Technological Solutions" and that we were using the same servers. They had found viruses on my computer, and he ... "
  • 236526522 "I think this might be a terrorist cell trying to clone phone numbers to make international calls picked up twice and the Arabian sounding guy on the o ... "
  • 236526522 "Anybody that calls me with a phone number that is shy of one digit, is now legit! How stupid do they think we are? I am going on record saying that th ... "
  • 2367251814 "I am so sick of these morons calling with different stupid stories trying to fish innocent people into their scams.We have had them identify as: IRS,I ... "
  • 2367251814 "This scumbag called my WORK number pretending to be IT support, and trying to get me to log into an IP. When I told him this was a business phone he p ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
236-858-2010 236-602-5560 236-233-1241 236-010-3093 236-464-5197 236-302-2324 236-360-7148 236-866-6392 236-404-7750 236-228-5315 236-548-5636 236-489-5736 236-231-0001 236-651-5571 236-753-5084