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  • 2493463056 "spam ... "
  • 2495005187 "This is a scam. does anyone have photograph of the callers at a so called collection agency. Telephone number 249 500 5187 in Ontario. Iristel Inc., ... "
  • 2495005187 "nobody there and calls at least once a day ... "
  • 2495005187 "Used to get calls almost weekly basis from this number - finally today called back and one lady forwarded to me to a guy with poor English accent (not ... "

  • 2495005187 "Claim to be a collection agency with a file in my name, couldn't even pronounce it, bad English, informed them I have no debts owing to anyone and I k ... "
  • 2495005187 "This company has been calling me for YEARS ever since I got a new number. When I tell them that this person they're calling for doesn't own this phone ... "
  • 2495005187 "I just received a call from this number. An old lady kept asking me my SIN card number and, after I refused to give, she was mad. For sure, it is a fa ... "
  • 2495005187 "Another of these zombie debt collectors - DCA like CBV basically buy up zombie debts that are5 10 20 even 30 years old and try to collect. They cannot ... "
  • 2495005187 "The said they were from DCA and gave some file number, which I have no affiliation with. ... "
  • 2495005187 "I got 3 consecutive hung up calls from this number and its just annoying ... "
  • 2495005187 "Spam robocall from DCA Debt Collection Agency ... "
  • 2498772775 "I like to report this number 249-877-2775The guy was being very creepy when he called my cell please do something about this anyone i dont like it whe ... "
  • 2492049495 "August 2, 2017 The call came to my cell phone. I was unable to get to my telephone on time to answer. I called 240-204-9495 and a busy signal was re ... "
  • 2492049495 "Hug up on me. Have asked over and over to not be called. ... "
  • 2495082722 "they called twice once at 10:42 am and another at 10:46 am. they asked if I could help them and I said well what are you calling in regards to and th ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
24981891993 249-200-0135 2490399 249-323-6415 249-246-7228 24921017114