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  • 2732143245 "Said I had 9k waiting for me, just had to send a one time fee of 200$ I asked repeatedly if this was a scam, I know for a fact it is, I have to small ... "
  • 2732143245 "Called me numerous times so I finally answered. The woman yelled into the phone 'I'M LOOKING FOR _______" and I said nothing while I quickly goog ... "
  • 2732143245 "When I picked up the man on the line was talking about sexual acts and when said he's done. I don't know if it was directed at me or because he didn't ... "
  • 2732143245 "Keeps calling no messages finally answered call said I won 500 dollars .. yeah right I don't give out info . There should be a crack down on these sca ... "

  • 2732143245 "Received a call from +1 273-214-3245A guy who said he is with de Us Goverment . They have 500$ grant for me. It could be by direct deposit and ask me ... "
  • 2732143245 "4 calls on Friday 1 call today. I apparently won money. Broken English and lots of commotion in the background makes this call extremely believable (s ... "
  • 2732143245 "Received call from guy saying he is with the US Government. He has a $9000 grant for me. I just have to go to a western union. INSANE!!!(240) 230-75 ... "
  • 2732143245 "Wanted to give me $9k in grant funding from the government ... "
  • 2732143245 "9k from the government?just for giving my personal acct info.?sounds crazy.He hung up after I asked if he can send me something in paper or website. ... "
  • 2732143245 "Caller said she was from us government and my name and number were randomly ed to receive a $9,000 grant. ... "
  • 2732143245 "I am calling you from the Us Grant verification program I knew right then this was a scam call the government will not comntact you in such a way as t ... "
  • 2732143245 "i got a lot of money for beeing a good us citizen.....good damn i am german citizen...he hung up on me ... "
  • 2732143245 "Told me the government would give me a $9000. I got silent on the call because I knew better. The moment I said I was not interested, he said good b ... "
  • 2732143245 "Said they we're from the treasury Dept. Very heavy Asian accent. Said I would receive a grant for being a good citizen in the amount of over 8000.00. ... "
  • 2732143245 "A guy told be that his working as a government employee. He keep on calling me ... "
  • 2732143245 "Apparently this is a scam. Be I told caller he was full of ***** . ... "
  • 2732143245 "scam call saying I won grant money in access of 9,000.00 for being a good US citizen. I told him I know I am and that there is no need to go any furt ... "
  • 2732143245 "You are recieving free grany money because you have not filed bankrupty in the last 5 years. ... "
  • 2732143245 "Called saying that I have won grant money because I am a good citizen by the US Federal government. Asks for direct deposit ( asks for account number) ... "
  • 2732143245 "nothing but noise...a little bit of what sounds like shuffing... ... "
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27310650353 2738255 27367 273-495-3742