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  • 311676714 "spam ... "
  • 3112481130 "Recording stated computer compromised,, you will lose all your data. If Windows computer call 321-248-1130.Concerned about mega charges for phone cal ... "
  • 3119711548 "Three calls from the number within 30 minutes. Did not answer. ... "
  • 3119711548 "Looked this number up it said was scam did not answer called blocked number. ... "

  • 3119711548 "Several calls daily from this number. Blocked the number. Called number back once and it's a non working number...non working my butt. DNC list is a j ... "
  • 3119711548 "If you can not identified yourself when you are calling. Remove me from your list. Whoever this is,, is very disrepectful they call you all day long. ... "
  • 3119711548 "They are incessantly calling over and over, leaving a 3 second voice mail, which is void of any message!! How can I stop this. And yes, I am on the DN ... "
  • 3119711548 "I have received numerous unwanted calls from this number I have asked them numerous times to remove my number from their calling list. This is now a h ... "
  • 3119711548 "pretty much calls daily...have it on auto reject ... "
  • 3119711548 "I want to kill these unwanted marketers mother ***** ers. had enough. First chance I get I'll take out as many of this mother ***** ers as I can. If I ... "
  • 3119711548 "This number keeps calling every day three or four timein a row sometimes always starts around 9 a.m.have asked not to call I have no student loan to b ... "
  • 3119711548 "They keep calling telling me I am eligible for a student loan forgiveness program. I know of no such programs that are legit ... "
  • 3119711548 "Keep getting calls every day. I continually ask them to NOT call me. They are always trying to get me to agree to apply for student loan forgiveness f ... "
  • 3119711548 "Say that they are for student loan forgiveness. When I tell them that I am already in a program. They argue with me. Please do something about this. ... "
  • 3119711347 "I wa t this number to stop call I g me. Very annoying. ... "
  • 3119711548 "Some Arabic guy keeps calling me. ... "
  • 3119711548 "They say they are student loan forgiveness program and will not tell who the are requesting. ... "
  • 3119711347 "Called and about the owner of a car that needs maintenance. Nope, my car doesn't need maintenance. Then asked for anybody else in the house that owns ... "
  • 3119711347 "Calls constantly, daily. Never, leaves a message and I don't answer odd numbers or return calls without a voicemail. ... "
  • 3119711347 "calls every day M-F 2-3x a day for the last month. Blocked the calls ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
311-334-6504 311-376-9522 3112026 311-777-3659 311-145-1060 311-971-1854 311-971-2763 311-923-5440 311-523-5540 311-576-1957 311-923-5444 311