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  • 3242342343 "How to stop these calls? If you pick up there‚Äôs nobody there. Calling land line multiple times! ... "
  • 3242342343 "SCAM caller.....wants control of your computer saying its sending a message of a virus and they want to clear it up for and block this numb ... "
  • 3242342343 "324 234-2343just called me and interrupted my phone call , the sounded a lot like an Indian from India...I promptly hung up on them then when I tried ... "
  • 3242342343 "This # calls everyday. Usually shows up restricted. Foreign person (sounds Asian). Says my email is being used. ... "

  • 3242342343 "constant calls. back to back starting at 7 am. does not stop when told that the calls are unwanted ... "
  • 3242342343 "this number calls my house number and cell phone over and over for weeks. I've asked them to stop call.and they still call... saying somethbing is wro ... "
  • 3242342343 "Calls 6-7 times a day starting at 8 AM with back to back calls. Pick up phone & voice mail go's off when listened to you can hear many people in b ... "
  • 3242342343 "This caller keeps disturbing us non stop day and night. We believe this is a SCAM caller. ... "
  • 3242342343 "Calls ten or more times a day. My line is a business line and is detrimental to my business. Disruptive and annoying. ... "
  • 3242342343 "receive calls from this # 10 times a day ... "
  • 3242342343 "Has called multiple times every day. Every time I answer there is no one there. Well, today 'Mike' was there telling me he had worked on my computer ... "
  • 3242342343 "3242342343Constant calls from this number. up to 10 times per day. If I answer, no one speaks. This borders on harassment. ... "
  • 3242342343 "Yes, 6+ calls per day.Same BS "your IP has been hacked"Good news is they seem to have the weekends off! ... "
  • 3242342343 "This number calls multiple times a day & they have been told to stop. They say our IP address has been hacked but we have protection for all that ... "
  • 3242342343 "Have been getting calls from this number for weeks nearly hourly every day. I do not answer the phone so why do they continue to call? ... "
  • 3242342343 "I have gotten 25 phone calls from this number daily at least 6 or seven times a day back to back. Before all this I thought this was a real Co. but fo ... "
  • 3242342343 "call everydya and hngup ... "
  • 3242919954 "Calls every day a few times a day they say nothing and when I return the call it never rings ... "
  • 3242919954 "This son of a ***** calls me constantly, night and day and will never say anything and will not respond to text asking them to stop. The number will ... "
  • 3242919954 "They call me at least 8 times in a day, and while I'm working ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
324-212-8888 32460247952 32465444661 32433000 324-789-5462 324-431-0106 324-480-4025 324-903-6727 324-874-5120