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  • 3482425472 "in the middle of emergency, we have to stop and answer this stupid call BECAUSE we need to be in touch with help. 348-242-5472 is potentially endang ... "
  • 3482425472 "The # 1-348-242-5472 say from AT&T call me 4 to 5 time a days say I owe them $445.00 that I have to pay now or they stop the service, I can pay by ... "
  • 3486067431 "The caller stated he was calling from windows technical support and stated my computer was sending an error message that the IP was address was invali ... "
  • 3486067431 "Told them the FBI has been notified and pushed a button on the phone and hung up! ... "

  • 3486067431 "Same as above. The gentleman on the phone said there was an error message he was receiving from my computer. He wanted me to turn on my computer and h ... "
  • 3486067431 "Caller claimed to be from Dell Technical and wanted to talk to me about my PC. I hung up. ... "
  • 3486067431 "Caller had strong South Asian or Indo-Caribbean accent, said "I am calling from the technical department about your computer." When I began ... "
  • 3486067431 "fraud call ... "
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