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  • 4564645512 "called twice, left no message.found websites to verify that this is a scam to try to get into your computer. I guess he says your computer is sending ... "
  • 4564645512 "man with Indian accent called to say he would help with computer..Told him two days in a row this is a cell phone and not to call back or he would be ... "
  • 4564645512 "called, said he was from Windows operating system. I said I don't have windows and hung up. Luckily, I had heard about these calls ... "
  • 4564645512 "Man with heavy India accent called my mom same story about him calling from windows (not possible)said she had a "windows problem" on her co ... "

  • 4564645512 "Same story as all the rest. 2nd time the call came in as Name Unavailable. ... "
  • 4564645512 "got a call from Denmark ... "
  • 4564645512 "Scammer knew my name; ended up laughing when I told him he was naughty and I knew it was a scam. ... "
  • 4564645512 "I've been getting a call from a man with a very prominent Indian accent, he keeps calling me about my "Windows Computer" the first time, and ... "
  • 4564645512 "Heavy Indian voice said there was a problem with my Windows on my computer ... "
  • 4564645512 "Heavy Indian voice - I'm calling from windows ... "
  • 4564645512 "A man called that he workk for Microsoft and wanted me turn my computer on because hackers want to attack my computer and he is going to help me. I sa ... "
  • 4564645512 "man calls claiming he is working for window. I know it's a scram microsolf window dose not call people. I tell him don't call anymore , but he keeps o ... "
  • 4564645512 "Have called before and also called 3 times today alone. I never answer. ... "
  • 4564645512 "2 calls - didn't answer them - googled the number and all this came up! DON'T ANSWER NUMBERS YOU DON'T KNOW!! ... "
  • 4564645512 "Got 2 calls from this number today. First time, nobody was there (or hung up). 2nd time got a guy saying that my computer had been sending out errors ... "
  • 4564645512 "I received a call from a man who had an accent and advised he was calling with regard to my computer. I advised that I was not interested. He was pe ... "
  • 4564645512 "Robo call simply said, "Good bye" and hung up. ... "
  • 4564645512 "Individual report he knew my computer was being hacked and tried to get me to execute a few commands to get the license key at first said he was from ... "
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456-245-6213 456-789-4522 45678