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  • 5284836923 "My phone keeps ringing. Can't get to it. Fast enough. ... "
  • 5286124 "Political campaigning ... "
  • 528117598265 "I got a call from what sounded like my ex wife crying and she said she didn't know where they were taking her. Then a mans voice came in and told her ... "
  • 528117598265 "Same as below. Almost exactly. But the female sounded female. I don't think it was a male trying to sound female.Same thing when I said I wouldn't ... "

  • 528117598265 "Same as above...said they had my daughter with a gun to her stomach. I have never been so scared in my life because she was driving home from a trip. ... "
  • 528117598265 "Received a call from this number, kid crying asking for help, after Hello I did not say anything and they just hung up after 1 minute. ... "
  • 528117598265 "Got the same call with someone who seems to be crying. When I asked that they speak slowly and clearly, they hung up. Scam. ... "
  • 528117598265 "I received a phone call from this number. There was a voice that seemed to be crying and saying my name. It looks to be a false Kidnapping Scam. ... "
  • 528117598265 "Womans voice saying "it me" in a crying voice. I figured it was a prank call say i just hung up. ... "
  • 528117598265 "Received similar call but no name. Voice seemed like male trying to sound female asking for help. ... "
  • 528117598265 "See above post. Same phone call was made. However, he did not say his name. ... "
  • 528117598265 "I received a phone call from this number. There was a voice that seemed to be crying and saying my name. The voice was trying to sound female but may ... "
  • 528120976231 "She calling me saying is a family member and was coming from mexico and want to visit me and wanted my adress to come and i told my sister about and s ... "
  • 5281027397 "Kept calling me. These people are stupid. They must not understand English because I told them to go screw off. ... "
  • 5281027397 "(528) 102-7397 has called me approximately 8 times today. Of which, two of the calls have come after 9 pm.I answered my phone once this afternoon and ... "
  • 5281027397 "Called about a car loan..528-102-7397 says it's a verizon wireless number.also received calls from 421-781-8274, same thing about a car loanalso recei ... "
  • 5281027397 "this number calls repeated times all day long into the evening with no one on other end ... "
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528994804873 528117 528116833584 528-329-9670 528781169934 528113340021