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  • 55236 "Calling a number of times daily. We do not answer unknown callers. More than likely a scam. ... "
  • 55236 "Constantly, Constantly, Constantly calling! Never leaves a message. ... "
  • 55220011 "They called 5 times in one hour. Never called again since that day. Weird. ... "
  • 55220011 "10 times this number(?) called within 6 hours. After the first time, I sent it to auto reject. ... "

  • 55220011 "These people have called my phone 15 times within the last 18 hours and every time I tell them to leave me alone they tell me to shut up and hang up t ... "
  • 5522622512 "Caller (IRS) said my house was going to be taken, my social security would be taken because I owed a great deal of money on my taxes. ... "
  • 55221144 "Received call on my work cell phone which is on Gov't Do Not Call List. Could not understand the name of company they were calling from after hearing ... "
  • 5525241967 "Called 5 times between 7AM & 7:45Am. Same person(Broken english) from 4 different phone numbers saying my payday loan had been red flagged. Never ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
552102114 552-267-7506 552