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  • 578554736 "suspected spam. no message. ... "
  • 5784571247 "Man with a heavy accent trying to tell me that my computer was 94 infected with some bug. He said the'd be shutting my computer down. When I asked wha ... "
  • 5784571247 "A foreign accented male called my cell phone saying that he was calling from Washington, DC and that my computer was still using Microsoft's Windows 7 ... "
  • 5784571247 "They called selling Microsoft/computer stuff. The guy that called, started calling baby. When I asked him not to call again and not to call me baby, h ... "

  • 5784571247 "this number has been calling my cell phone 3 times a day for the past 2 can't call it back or stop it. ... "
  • 5784571247 "I asked this "Microsoft" company to remove me from their call list after receiving multiple calls in one day. The man refused saying he was ... "
  • 5781218324 "Call me too. When I answe an "operator voice" says good bye and hangs up! Fricken pisses me off! I want to strangle these MFers!!!! ... "
  • 5781218324 "They have called 3 times so far and only say good bye. Would like to stop the calls. ... "
  • 5781218324 "This number has been calling me all day and when I call it back it says that it is not a working number! Please get them to stop calling me, please! ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
578-338-5615 578