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  • 6189377431 "Disconnected local number spoofed by the daily scam caller so that they can avoid being identified for the illegal call just like a robber wears a mas ... "
  • 6184376190 "The daily scam call just came in from a local and disconnected number by spoofing that number to avoid being identified when the scam caller violates ... "
  • 6183750206 "These scammers spoof call us from these local disconnected numbers all day long and do not worry about violating the Do Not call law by spoofing and ... "
  • 6186439324 "The scam callers violates the DNC law by calling us from this spoofed local disconnected number . ... "

  • 6189020244 "The daily scam calls began with this spoof of this local disconnected number hoping we would answer and of course we never will because the caller is ... "
  • 6182283830 "Updating the companies records regarding refinancing our home. I told the person that called that our home is paid in full, and that we are not inter ... "
  • 6184511149 "This company called me twice within a 10 minute time span. I told them I was not interested in what they are selling. ... "
  • 6187885808 "How many times do you have to tell these Medicare disability claim add onrobo call scammers that you did not want them to call you and then blocked th ... "
  • 6186913423 "I have asked this company, many, many, many times not to call me and yet they continue to do so. Seems as though each call from them comes from a dif ... "
  • 6184511658 "I have told this caller, on their numerous calls, that I am not interested, and I have asked them many times not to call again. Seems as though they ... "
  • 6183646514 "As usual , scam calls keep coming in today ...this one from a bogus local number ...they just keep violating the DNC law . ... "
  • 6189987032 "This is another complaint against a supposedly company representing Ameren. The call is in reference to a 3rd party rebate given by Ameren. I spoke ... "
  • 6185401120 "Almost every day an unknown local number calls here and we will not answer because they are almost always ( like this one ) a local and disconnected n ... "
  • 6186962915 "This call was in regards to a 3rd party rebate from Ameren. I called Ameren and was told by a Ameren employee that Ameren does not give rebates and t ... "
  • 6185137212 "I am getting calls from this same phone number numerous times a day. These calls are in regards to a 3rd party over charge that I am supposed to rece ... "
  • 6184561857 "I get calls from this phone number several times a day. The caller used to answer when I picked up, but now they say nothing. ... "
  • 6187762557 "this caller calls me several times a day. Supposedly it is in regards to a 3rd party seller. I do not grown through a 3rd party to buy anything. ... "
  • 6187677136 "As usual when an unknown local number call is missed and we call it back is bogus and the real caller is a scammer attempting a scam call to our ... "
  • 6185292414 "This disconnected number spoof is what the scammers do almost daily now to get away with violating the Do Not Call law when they make the fraud attemp ... "
  • 6185893720 "This number kept showing up on the caller id and was from Ofallon, Il where the call centers like to annoy our Do Not Call number and it is bogus so w ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
618-248-4697 618-545-6534 618-312-6052 618-312-3982 618-622-0647 618-959-2944 61860382 618-270-5654 618-855-0013 618-862-7915 618-544-9212 61808446703 618-298-3481 618-995-7749 618-480-4212 618-241-7146 618-549-4703 618-452-8049 618-875-5806 618-313-8118 618-217-2984 618-718-5020 618-226-6970 618-424-1421 618-565-2035 618549111616 618-549-3570 618-202-2036 618-674-6127 618-217-2957