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  • 6379200367 "Wrong number. ... "
  • 6379568689 "No answer. ... "
  • 6374906519 "Calling no of times.unknow language ... "
  • 6375847894 "m a tattoo artist and this guy calle my number saying that he and his 5 more friends want to get inked and asked for the price in total i told them it ... "

  • 6375150000 "caller said he was from RBC and that my account may have been compromised and did I make a $780 transaction in the last 10 mins and did I know Dave Wi ... "
  • 6375150000 "This number has moved on to being a scam saying they are from RBC and your card has been compromised. Played along for a bit giving him false informat ... "
  • 6375150000 "Called at 8:15 AM. I did not answer because I was sleeping. It appears to be someone saying they are from Microsoft. ... "
  • 6375150000 "Spam. Call and say they are from Windows and actually they well destroy your computer. Hang up ... "
  • 6375150000 "Called claiming that they work for the govt and that I have been randomly ed for a college grant that I don't have to pay back for $9,500. Yeah right. ... "
  • 6375110000 "I received a call from a place saying they worked for the US government. They told me, I was approved for grant or government loan, of $9,500. They to ... "
  • 6375150000 "They call before 7:00 AM and wake us. I has happened about 7 times. Either a man says hello or says nothing. Then you hear "good day". ... "
  • 637-511-0000 "Called to tell me there was a problem with my computer. Had oriental accent. very insistent even after I told him that I was going to report the cal ... "
  • 6375160000 "calls repeatedly ... "
  • 6375150000 "They have Indiana accent and tried to make me go to some websites to download some links but I knew it's a scam. ... "
  • 6375110000 "I've received 5 phone calls from this "type" of phone number with varying numbers such as a digit off of the area code, or a digit off of th ... "
  • 6375150000 "no one answers ... "
  • 6375150000 "He said he was calling me Microsoft about "Windows, okay?" That's a quote. ... "
  • 6375110000 "Dead air when I answer...then a beep, a recorded "Good bye" and then it hangs up. ... "
  • 6375150000 "they called me and said they were calling from Microsoft I told him I wasn't giving him any of my financial information he asked me to suck his ...., ... "
  • 6375110000 "Keep calling saying there offering me student loan forgiveness but can't answer any questions I ask ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
637-492-7360 637-836-1313 637-514-0000 637515000 637-510-0000 637-512-0000 637-518-0000