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  • 696666961 "These people have been calling me for about 4 years, and they have many different phone numbers. Today, I received two calls; one from 1696666961 and ... "
  • 696666961 "Called me almost every day for a week. When I finally answered it some guy said he's calling about problems in my windows computer. Completely baffled ... "
  • 696666961 "Has called every day, every other hour for 4 days now. Blocked it from the start but come on!!!! ... "
  • 696666962 "Repeated calls about "my Windows based computer"---- which I don't have ... "

  • 696666961 "This caller called about the Windows on my computer. I Told him No your not! You are a scammer. He said no why would you say that? I said I know who y ... "
  • 696666961 "They called me today saying they were with Windows. Yold me I had IP problems and when I told them I wasn't on the computer they actually ORDERED ME T ... "
  • 696666961 "They have been contacting me every other day. The person on the other end has a very thick accent and is very difficult to understand and is stating ... "
  • 696666961 "Windows calling that there is a problem with my Windows on my computer. Received 5 calls in one day. Even after telling them I was not interested. ... "
  • 6966669600 "Said my computer is having problems -- My computer is fine I hung up on them. I have received these calls before - It has to be a scam. ... "
  • 6966669600 "These people keep calling and have repeatedly for months and months. Got another call a few minutes ago from 696-666-9600. Again, said they were with ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
696-414-5761 696 696-458-5251 69669752982 696-969-6969