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  • 7291945926 ""The caller claims to be from HDFC Insurance Termination Department and tells me about a Insurance policy with annual premium of Rs 50,000/-which ... "
  • 7290044606 "the reason she said she called was asking us feed back about our bank and then tried asking for the details, contact- 8097191802, India if any informa ... "
  • 7290044606 "it was a women's voice asking my mom for her bank details, before this lately we have been getting scam calls lucky they failed ... "
  • 7293186297 "Caller keeps calling me stating that my information has been compromised. When he started calling me it wad anput mu timeshsre. Now he's stating tha ... "

  • 7295906524 "Received calls from 729-590-6524 and 7245936504. Telling me that they have been trying to find me bc the IRS has a case out on me. ... "
  • 7295906524 ""IRS" telling me they were filing a law suit against me. No names, no case number, just told me to call some 202 number. ... "
  • 7295906524 "Tried to tell me that I was being audited and he told me that I owed $5,800. When I asked to talk to someone in their department, he hung up. Sounds l ... "
  • 7295906524 "message was left from the IRS - "Internal Revenue Sevices" threatened legal actionGave call back department 206-861-1902 ... "
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72912584801678 729-639-7963 729-559-8283 729-000-4282