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  • 7497445 "Stating they have gone out of business and I am due a refund. ... "
  • 7492646529 "same as the others, said he was Albert with Tech Support America representing Microsoft. had me on a call list to help with my computer error message ... "
  • 7492646529 "This # keeps on calling about computer fixing. looks like bad news to me ... "
  • 7492646529 "tech support for my computer with Microsoft. They call at least once a week. I ask they remove me from calling list and hang up, but they call non-s ... "

  • 7492646529 "Said they needed me to turn in my computer they were tech support I did not call any one for tech support when I stated asking questions they hung up ... "
  • 7492646529 "Said tech support and wanted me to turn on computer and they would walk me thru the problem. Claimed they were with micro soft. We Told them Greek Sq ... "
  • 7497028901 "I keep telling the caller to stop calling me and to take me off the calling list, then he replies as no ." They harass & use vulgar langue to ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
74955801111 749-392-0888 74944558470