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  • 7564045255 "Fake prize ... "
  • 7563245364 "Call constantly before 8am local time then all through the day on my landline. Do not leave message on voicemail and I am never available to pick up. ... "
  • 7563245364 "Started calling sept. 15 at 9:31 a.m. and 10:01 message. Sept. 16 6:22 a.m. said we had a computer problem. I told them it'6:22 a.m. and you a ... "
  • 7563245364 "Calls come in very early in the am. No message. Extremely annoying. Help! ... "

  • 7563245364 "They call constantly and told me I have computer problem and try to have an accessto my computer to fix it. Statr call at 8am . ... "
  • 7563221125 "Caller with heavy foreign accent, claiming to be the Windows Technical Department, to help with my computer. I told him we are on the "do not cal ... "
  • 7563245364 "Second call this morning. I've learned never to answer an unfamiliar CID. They hung up when my answering machine picked up. No message. Hope they ... "
  • 7563221125 "Same as unhappy in FL ... "
  • 7563221125 "This is a foreign voice saying they're calling from Windows in regard to a problem with my computer. Told them to take me off their list. Mind you I'm ... "
  • 7563245364 "Originally started receiving calls from 756-322-1125. This is a foreign voice saying they're calling from Windows in regard to a problem with my compu ... "
  • 7569856358 "I have been called not stop by these people. I want the calls to stop!! ... "
  • 7569856358 "25 call since 8am this morning. When answering there is silence and no voicemail left. Very annoying. ... "
  • 7569856358 "I have had six calls from this number in the last two hours and innumerable calls yesterday. If I answer the call there is silence, if I call them ba ... "
  • 7569856358 "did not answerno msg. lefthave blocked the number ... "
  • 7569856358 "Shameless repeat calling. ... "
  • 7569856358 "Has called several times over the last few days. No one on the other end most of the time. It was a grant money scam another time. ... "
  • 7569856358 "We have been getting about 20 calls from this 756-985-6358. This has been in a 3 time span. If this keeps up, this could add up to 60 or more a day. ... "
  • 7569856358 "They have called me 14 times so far today starting at 6a.m. They hung up on me when I asked why they are calling so early. Listened to the spiel and t ... "
  • 7569856358 "keeps calling several times a day. seems for weeks. ... "
  • 7569856358 "This number calls me every morning at 5am and every 20 mins after that. There is no one on the other end. Tired of all the harrassing calls. ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
756-204-7954 756-343-9679 756-394-8187 756279637 75646563786 756-000-8445