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  • 7679569224 "This caller was trying to know the bank details and harassing for not giving it. ... "
  • 76761 "I answered and couldn't understand them, so I hung up. ... "
  • 76761 "Called me twice didn't answer I've dealt with the same kind of thing a while ago they tell you they're gonna help fix a problem on your computer and t ... "
  • 76761 "They said from HP Support and asked if I was near my computer, told them "I did not call them, to go jump in a lake and die!" Then I hung up ... "

  • 76761 "Same experience as LeAnn and Mercedes, except I did not and do not answer. Set my phone to block all callers except those in my contacts which helps, ... "
  • 76761 "they have called twice now. I answer and don't say a word and they eventually hang up ... "
  • 76761 "It’s annoying that they’re always calling me... I don’t answer but seriously they don’t stop insisting in calling you... t ... "
  • 76761 "I received a call from this number on Oct 11 & oct 12. I answered and they didn't say anything the first time and they didn't leave a message the ... "
  • 7672759067 "Guy with heavy Indian accent claims I have computer problems. Called twice now. once at 5:30 AM! I asked him to remove my number. so obvious an a ... "
  • 7672759067 "Caller calls concerning my "Windows" Machine. I have informed caller that I am a Certified Tech myself that uses LINUX.Caller is calling my ... "
  • 7672759067 "calls early Am like 5:30 waking all my children. ... "
  • 7672759067 "The call was early before I got out of bed and I did not get to the phone in time. I get the calls claiming that my computer has a virus often and th ... "
  • 7672759067 "hi I'm calling about your computer ... "
  • 7672759067 "hi I'm calling about your computer ... "
  • 7672759067 "very rude always call at nap time shows how bad our country is enforcing laws ... "
  • 7672759067 "A foreign person called rudely yelling about something I could not understand and then hung up. Two hours later another call from this number again I ... "
  • 7679510693 "got call 5-31 and today.. look out for scam! ... "
  • 7679510693 "I keep getting calls from this number, 3 so far today. I finally blocked it. But I've gotten other calls from the same area code and blocked in the pa ... "
  • 7672759065 "scam. wanted me to log in to windows. needed to fix some problems with the program ... "
  • 7672759065 "Calls from this number are fake. The calls are a man with a middle eastern sounding accent asking about Windows. Says the system is messed up. He is a ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
767-276-5197 767-826-5347 767-255-6554 767-235-2247 767-275-2700 767 767-275-9064 767-275-9061 767-235-8681 767-275-9173 767-275-9163 767-275-9074 767-275-9071 767-275-9136 767-275-4471 767-555-6161