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  • 8195328 "selling insurance ... "
  • 819-562-6372 "When checking my emails on Friday, May 12/17 a sudden pop-up took over my screen with an urgent audible voice warning me repeatedly that my computer h ... "
  • 8195309325 "I'm being harassed by this phone number. They hang up when I say no or don't call my phone. ... "
  • 8198751771 "I have received 5 calls in the last 2 days, answered once no one there. If they are calling about a computer, they are out of luck we haven't had a h ... "

  • 8198751771 "Rcvd call from this number, 6/12 @ 7pm, central time, name Brouillard, I. On caller I.d.; Indian accent said I had errors comin up on my computer! I ... "
  • 8198751771 "6/11/2013 called 0645pm EST wanted to fix my computer that wasn't broken. Don't even want to think what they are doing to the Elderly who don't know ... "
  • 8198751771 "6/11/2013 0645pm got the same call just now Indian accent wanting to fix my computer that isn't broken. Got into heated discussion and they kept calli ... "
  • 8198751771 "Yes, Indian accent, baloney about "a report of a problem from Microsoft" about my computer....when I gave my standard answer "this is y ... "
  • 8198751771 "Called at 2:00pm CDT. Same type of call Indian accent, said he was from microsoft. Said my computer was reporting errors--I asked from where--direct ... "
  • 8198751771 "Same type of call. I asked for IP address from which errors were being send from. That seemed to confuse her... ... "
  • 819-875-1771 "Called at 8:45 pm EST. Indian accent claiming to be from microsoft support center. Claimed that my computer "reported" errors to microsoft s ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
819-849-6310 819-943-9663 819686863 819-908-9906 819-290-2007 819-325-2063 819-208-5970 819-731-3919