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  • 8822623597 "This phone number has been calling multiple times per day harassing my elderly parents. I have been unsuccessful in determining who is calling. The nu ... "
  • 88216901585 "Received about 10 calls from them today. ... "
  • 88216901585 "This phone number is from a scammer and has called my phone over 30 times today even after being blocked ... "
  • 8820140326 "I told them to stop calling and am keeping a log of the days and times they called to file a lawsuit for them not taking us off of their list. ... "

  • 8820140326 "the woman claims to be from the State of Oregon chamber of commerce and is wondering if we're still interested in moving; We've been getting these cal ... "
  • 8820140326 "Claimed to be from Oregon department of business - has claimed chamber of commerce as well. ... "
  • 8820140326 "I have gotten calls from this number 10 times this morning over and over and when I say I am reporting them they hang up and call back 30 seconds late ... "
  • 8820140326 "Caller ID: 882-014-0326 Caller stated she was from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and needed to verify email addresses. When I asked for a call back ... "
  • 8820140326 "This lady identified herself as from the State of Texas and requested information re: moving our business. I told her we were not interested in speak ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
882-626-2626 8824 88287412538 8829484 882887345 8827510923969 88233011660