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  • 8868222556 "They claim they are Social Security Admin. telling me there is suspicious activity and for me to call them befort they take court action. ... "
  • 8868878997 "Call saying they are from social security and are suspending my number and to call so I do not face legal consequences. Called multiple times today l ... "
  • 8868878997 "A ‘federal officer’ saying I needed to call them back immediately due to ‘fraudulent behavior’ on my social security card. T ... "
  • 8868878997 "Saying i need to suspend my social security number for fraudulent activity ... "

  • 88607705973 "I get at least three calls a week saying I'm approved for a loan to pay off my student dept. I never been to colledge. I asked them to stop calling th ... "
  • 8866683561 "I received a call this afternoon from a collection agency in regards to a loan through a bogus loan company that is saying I owe them $5,000. When I w ... "
  • 8866865529 "Said I owed for a online loan and they would take me to court if I did not pay. They also contacted thru another number 18663995881 which has been rep ... "
  • 886457383 "call and said I have a lawsuit out on my name and S.S # I keep getting call and no one can tell the company address or anyother infromation. ... "
  • 8868713281 "constantly getting calls on my cell phone ... "
  • 8862036550 "Says a courtesy call following numerous attempts about my credit card. Then goes on to say that my interest rate can be lowered by just staying on lin ... "
  • 8862608866 "The person who calls says he's calling on behalf of Wells Fargo with a protection plan for my account and other services that I told them several time ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
886701348 886-855-3443 886-823-3884 88634347224 886-978-5403 886-410-1141 886-668-5274 886-522-5550 886-594-2090 886-978-7819 886-507-9963 88620276531