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  • 8978948239 "social security problem recording ... "
  • 8975428921 "Caller with very heavy Indian accent was trying to hack my computer saying I had been hacked. I hung up on them. Now I am getting constant calls. ... "
  • 8975428921 "This # calls 2x a day. Today it called at 6:40am, waking me up. i expect another call at night as that's been the pattern every day for last 6 days o ... "
  • 8975428921 "Called my cell phone twice this morning, saying there is a problem with my computer. There is no problem with my computer. This a SCAM company, with ... "

  • 8975428921 "This person has called twice this morning - barely speaks English. I stated very loudly not to call again and they did! ... "
  • 8975428921 "calling early in the am saying that my computer was causing something because of a windows app. my computer was off ... "
  • 8975428921 "call and hang up a few times a day I don't answer numbers I don't know and if it is important they will leave a message. If not? Oh well ... "
  • 8975428921 "Called me 4x today saying someone is trying to hack on my windows computer. I don't have a windows computer ... "
  • 8975428921 "Called 4 times today. Never left a message, so I knew it was a scam. Going to my blocked list now. ... "
  • 8975428921 "Called 4x today already and 3x last Friday. I have not answered it but am sure it is a scam ... "
  • 8975428921 "They told me that I had something wrong with my computer. I told them no and I asked them not to call back. They called back and I spoke with someone ... "
  • 8975428921 "Constantly calls all times of day doesn"t leave message When you call back message reports that call can not go thru please check number ... "
  • 8975428921 "Calls my cell phone all day and night. Doesn't say anything on the message but can hear the person breathing. Adding the number to my blocked call l ... "
  • 8975428921 "This number calls all the time AND at illegal times of day and night ... "
  • 8975428921 "Repeated calls.......I do not answer the calls when the number is unknown. ... "
  • 8975428921 "this number called me 3 times yesterday throughout the day, and again this morning. I haven't answered but know it is fraud based on the call volume a ... "
  • 8975428921 "Number called repeatedly thruout the day. The guy says he's calling regarding the Windows application on my computer. When I asked to be added to th ... "
  • 8977943825 "one of many anonymous calls that i got. no one there when I answer - it then rings to someone who tries to sell things. ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
897-928-7560 897 897-969-6816 897-673-8824 897-678-7853