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  • 9451246 "Called 9-29-20 at 9:30 PM. That is way to late to be calling people. ... "
  • 9451241 "Called 9-29-20 at 8:45 PM. Very bothersome at night. Too late to call. ... "
  • 94551689740 "I have been getting lots of calls from this number. I hope I do not get international charges because it looks like these calls are from outside the ... "
  • 94551689740 "why can't these spam SOBs be droned, by ObaMarx?Why does our gov let the foreign forks attack us? BECAUSE WE DIDN'T BRIBE THEM?I don't answer any cal ... "

  • 94551689740 "Harrassing calls...hangs up and calls right back. ... "
  • 94551689740 "Guy spoke english but seemed as if this was one of those call centers in India and said they needed to access my computer for a errors and I ask them ... "
  • 94551689740 "Overseas call saying I have a windows virus that is taking data. They need to access my computer to tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. ... "
  • 94551689740 "I didn't answer this time, but I think this is the same number that calls and says it's from Windows and that my computer has a virus. They've been c ... "
  • 9453069641 "The idiots call me and never talk . I am so over it! ... "
  • 9453069641 "They call every day.I am so over it..They do not answer you or leave a message ... "
  • 9453069641 "Call every day, I answered the call no one said anything ... "
  • 9453069641 "I blocked one number then they called from this one and asked for someone in a muffled voice I HUNG UP AND BLOCKED THE NUMBER fort lauderdale broward ... "
  • 9453889899 "I am getting + phone calls a day from a business asking me to go back to school and I have ask over 5 times for them to take my number of the list and ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
945-925-4992 945-748-9642 945-635-2780 945-688-4946 945-398-1850 945-323-2193 9453188