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  • 9623797072 "Phone rings and no one responds when you answer. When you call back a recording says number or call can not be completed as dialed ... "
  • 9623797072 "Repeated calls from this number. They simply will not take no for an answer. I have asked them to remove my number from their calling list and still t ... "
  • 9623797072 "this number is a spoof it is associated with trying to get information about your credit card,very aggressive scammer.i think they are responsible for ... "
  • 9623797072 "These people are constantly calling me even after I have told them to stop and that I would not buy anything from them. ... "

  • 9623797072 ""If the caller ask for somebody by name (( just say I will get him /her for you )) Then put the phone down and walk away !!! (check the phone in ... "
  • 9623797072 "I keep receiving calls from this number asking for my deceased husband. I have repeatedly told them to stop calling and remove my number from their l ... "
  • 9623797072 "Call no one answers ... "
  • 9623797072 "I have asked this person to quite calling our number and they do no listen. I have reported this number to the do not call list. ... "
  • 9623797072 "from 2pm to 7pm some one keep calling and say thing for 39 day time I get over 75 callevery fo 30 day wood likehave number remove off call list ... "
  • 9623797072 "They call every day and hang up. ... "
  • 9623797072 "I received a call on my cell phone and tried to answer it, no one was there. Tried calling # back and it wasn't a good #. ... "
  • 9623797072 "Call to harass you into buying drugs - tell them no but they continue to call ... "
  • 9623797072 "My phone rings constantly and they keep calling despite being asked to stop ... "
  • 9623797072 "I made the mistake many years ago to order medication online. Now they will not stop calling. They call 5 to 10 times a day. You tell them to stop cal ... "
  • 9623797072 "The caller had a Middle Eastern Accent, and asked if I would like to su__ his co or su__ his di__. ... "
  • 9623797072 "After answering the phone at our office, I was asked if I was "Michael", to which I replied No. A foreign speaking man then proceeded to cal ... "
  • 9623797072 "SAME VULGAR MALE CALLER ... "
  • 9625787143 "I never answer from numbers I don't know, but this number just called and left a message. The message was cut off in the beginning, but then says my c ... "
  • 962 5787143 "Your (name of some bank) bank/debit card has been disabled please press 1 to go to our secure operator for assistance ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
962290786 962-038-4923 962-719-6576 962-602-0879 962569851