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  • 9876543210 "they called and said they needed to get into my laptop it was a service call. then they said they needed to get me to update my payment. i asked them ... "
  • 9875643231 "We receive calls from this number at least 2x per day. We let the answering machine pick it up. Never leave a message. How do we get them to stop c ... "
  • 9875643231 "Answered phone and said "hello"; no response, then after a few seconds, an automated voice said, "goodbye". ... "
  • 9875643231 "Got a call from this number on my cell phone. They asked for “Pamela” who is my mother and I told them that they were talking her daughter ... "

  • 9876543210 "SOB refuse to stop. Scam to get your AT&T info. Don't say anything but no so they can't edit a tape of you saying yes to whatever they are tryin ... "
  • 9876543210 "Calls a dozen times a day and no one will say anything when I answer. Very Annoying!!! ... "
  • 9876543210 "Annoying calls that continue to be frequent but nothing has happened after being reportedIs there a way to stop them?How can we found out who pays for ... "
  • 9876543210 "Theyve called my store daily for nearly a week now. They hang up as soon as we say we cant help them or ask for their info. ... "
  • 9876543210 "Calls everyday 2 and 3 times a day ... "
  • 9875643231 "Called multiple times ~ SCAMMERS. ... "
  • 9875643231 "Keep getting calls from this person I've asked politely to stop calling and the caller said it's impossible ... "
  • 9875643231 "This is the computer virus scam from a non native English speaker.I asked for him to tell me what my IP address is and the ***** hung up. ... "
  • 9875643231 "Getting continual calls (two already today) on my LAND LINE! never leave a message. ugh. ... "
  • 9875643231 "caller 987-564-3231, I let it go to answering machine. It's a hang answering machine says "unavailable" . ... "
  • 9875643231 "I had many calls from them and I finally answered. He was saying he was calling about my computer. I told him I was going to report him and the compan ... "
  • 9875643231 "Business calls and hangs up. They call around same time each day. I blocked them from phone ... "
  • 9875643231 "They are trying to get money off my elderly parents they call Mimi is times and never take no for an and see. Asking about a computer that they don't ... "
  • 9876543210 "This number calls all the time and they just hang up. Super annoying! ... "
  • 9876543210 "Frequent calls claiming to be with AT&T about the rate increase going into effect. The office mgr spoke to AT&T, and has taken care of any &qu ... "
  • 987.564.3231 "Hi, We all get unwanted phone calls but this one was the top of the list. Older man, deep voice said-(FIND A REAL JOB!) I Tried calling back. Recorded ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
987-350-4895 987-320-8786 987-972-7853 987365840 987451849 987451845 987-324-2114 987-867-5654 987612065 987-738-5589 987-789-8909 987-963-8266 987-928-2683