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Have you received a call from 01425 484381? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 01425 484381

01425 484381 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by ASD on July 21, 2012
"Called several times and is very forceful in trying to sell solar panels, will not take no for an answer!"

CALLER ID: number only

Submitted by Chris on July 10, 2012
"Received 7 calls, never leave a message so don't answer. These calls are an invasion of privacy and a nuisance"

Submitted by TONY HASTED on July 04, 2012
"i keep getting calls from this number trying to sell me solar panels,I do not want solar panels,and if did I don't buy from cold callers door or phone.I am on TPS so should not be getting these calls.This company whoever they are, are flouting the rules and should be sued.They are a pest and should be closed down,the country is awash with scams and I have just about had enough of it."

Submitted by Louise on June 25, 2012
"Calls every day. Twice last Wednesday."

CALLER COMPANY: Solar something or other

Submitted by Terry Smith on June 22, 2012
"Silent call

call number found by 1471"


Submitted by not preparded to give on June 07, 2012
"I have this number call me at least once a day, every day,all different times no one is there when I answer, no one picks up if I call back."

Submitted by Mrs Porter on May 18, 2012
"We have had a call from this number several times but there is just silence when you answer it. We are also ex-directory and have TPS."

Submitted by Jackie Wynn on May 13, 2012
"I have answered this call 4 times now and either its hung up straight away or I can hear call center voices in the background. I am ex directory and on TPS so should not be getting any of these calls."

Submitted by Mo on May 04, 2012
"I am on TPS and should not be called. This is the third time they have called me, and say each time they will remove me from their list. I have also told them that my house is not suitable and I have already had a survey done"

CALLER ID: 01425 484381
CALLER COMPANY: Solartricity

Submitted by Joline on April 29, 2012
"Calls received from this company various times of the day, bloody annoying!!! Even when told them not interested - they still keep calling - how do I stop them????"

CALLER ID: 01425 484381

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