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Have you received a call from 01425 484381? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 01425 484381

01425 484381 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by anne hurd on May 22, 2013
"I receive a call from this number once or twice daily"

Submitted by GB on March 25, 2013
"Phoning at antisocial times - trying to sell to us. Miserable that we can't have a landline without this harassment."

Submitted by Paul Spencer on January 17, 2013
"Refuse to answer the phone daytime because of cold callers. Used 1471 to check the number of caller."

CALLER ID: unknown

Submitted by Ian Legg on November 08, 2012
"Hung up as soon as I picked up phone"

Submitted by orangesunset on October 14, 2012
"Cannot understand why an organisation such as BT or TPS does not track down these cold calling companies and take action against them for invasion of privacy, harrassment, etc. That would be the only way to stop them."

Submitted by RAP on September 07, 2012
"Rang several times, in past few days. Because of the large number of cold calls I get each day I use an answering machine to filter all calls. They will eventually get the message. I'm registered with TPS and silentgard so I will report them."

Submitted by s.j.c.a. on August 06, 2012
"'phone rang. I answered. Line went dead. 1471 revealed this number and from there I found this page.

I don't wish to supply any more information in case it is a way of putting my e-mail address on a rogue companies list."

Submitted by Downton resident on August 02, 2012
"I had been out all day so did a check on 1471 when I came home. This 01425 number came up. Thought it might be a local person/company (01425 is Ringwood - very near Downton) so I did a check on Google. Your page came up. Whilst typing this, the phone rang. It was an automated call which you can't get rid of easily. No phone number was revealed when I eventually managed to tap in 1471. From now on, I shall be keeping my proper answer machine on."

Submitted by dese on July 31, 2012
"keep getting calls from this number but they put the phone down when I answer!!!!!"


Submitted by JB on July 28, 2012
"ph rings - but hangs up when i say hello -"

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