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Have you received a call from 01825 761727? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 01825 761727

01825 761727 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Mark on July 10, 2020
"A very dodgy geezer. I didn't like the way he spoke to me."

Submitted by Steve on June 19, 2020
"Social media posts confirm this number is under the name of Lewes Racecourse History Group."

Submitted by Philip on April 20, 2020
"Happy to have seen this page.

I have some collectors items from the Lewes racecourse very valuable to me.

I saw a quote on the website in connection to this number.

"I have heard about clubs taking memorabilia from the public and selling it on, once there club folds"

I can't find any more clubs other than those connected to this man.

I looked through the website and i have some questions. Why did the club change their name to lewes racecourse history from lewes racecourse club?

Another quote i found on the website.
"We are aware that some of our material has been copied, all text and images are the property of Lewes Racecourse History, formally The Lewes Racecourse Club, if we fined that any item is published without our consent, action will be taken against any third party."

The crime and punishment page is showing a picture from a horible histories magazine my son reads.

I will be keeping hold of my precious items."

Submitted by Paul on April 04, 2020
"There's something not right about this group."

Submitted by Calvin on April 03, 2020
"Been watching this group since 2019 and speaking to the victims of their posts. These people are causing an abundance of stress to others on social media. They are copying material, claiming copyrights and posting it as their own. Posts have emerged of slander and defamation towards other people. This is an amateur group who need to be stopped!"

Submitted by Lyn on April 03, 2020
"A bad group to get involved with. We've had a very bad experience with this group."

CALLER COMPANY: Lewes Racecourse Club or Lewes Racecourse History

Submitted by Jo on April 03, 2020
"This group harrass people and make things up to get their own way."

CALLER COMPANY: Lewes Racecourse History

Submitted by Trevor on December 01, 2019
"He's not a nice man. He becomes very agressive when he doesn't get what he wants. Avoid him if you can."

CALLER COMPANY: Lewes Racecourse Club or Lewes Raceourse History

Submitted by Roger on December 01, 2019
"We were given this number as a recommendation for a local racing historian to help with our upcoming project. We took the initiative to research the person before we contacted them. We were shocked to see the Injured Jockey's Fund logo is not legit on the website and The Heritage Lottery Fund logo looks like a snapshot. The website shows a sign suggesting that racing started in 1727. A Google search shows that the earliest record of racing taking place in the town was from an article in the London Gazette 8th – 10th May 1712. We were surprised to see that the name value on the site includes jockeys and local folk to the racecourse.
Further research shows that there is another site which was taken offline for copyright infringement in relation to the same person. Replicable sources show that the other site is now under new management."

Submitted by Elaine on November 27, 2019
"We are aware of this scam too. We are surprised that the website connected to this number has not been reported. It says on the website that all text and images belong to Lewes Racecourse History, formally The Lewes Racecourse Club. Some careful research reveals that they don't. Shocked and quite frankly surprised that the lottery would sponsor it."

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