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Have you received a call from +1 (714) 707-3350? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number +1 (714) 707-3350

+1 (714) 707-3350 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by محمد عواد on April 18, 2020
"اعطاني كود مكون من خمس ارقام وقال ان هذا هو الكود الخاص بي ثم اغلق الهاتف"

CALLER ID: لا اعرف هويته

Submitted by Violet Blue on March 25, 2020
"Hackers have figured out a way to hijack cell phones and steal the valuable information contained in them. Culprits are going after emails, photographs and payment apps to commit larger crimes like blackmail, fraud and theft. All this is accomplished with just a phone number and a whole lot of social engineering.
How it works

The criminal contacts the cell phone service provider of the victim and requests a transfer of service from an old phone to a new one. They then provide the cell phone company with the last four digits of the victim’s Social Security number and a fake ID. If they don’t have this information, they may come up with a convincing story about losing or damaging a phone, and then they make it seem plausible by providing the address, birth date and other information about the victim that is easily available on the Internet. When convinced, the company may port the number to a new device that the criminal now has complete control over and disconnects the victim’s phone."

CALLER ID: 17147073350

Submitted by Ben on January 01, 2020
"+17147073350 I don’t know why that number called me so many time and read the code for activation call."

Submitted by Ro on February 07, 2018
"Did not answer. Looks suspicious"

Submitted by T Worrell on December 03, 2017
"Trying to verify a code for Microsoft. I refuse to verify for text message or call"

CALLER ID: Silverado California

Submitted by Teekhay on October 15, 2017
"Am from Nigeria and i got a call from +17147073350...still dont know why that number called me"

Submitted by Joe Gilleran on October 10, 2017


Submitted by Alvin Jayne on October 08, 2017
"714-707-3350 three calls on 9/27 18 cents each. It was billed to my account, which I did not make."

Submitted by dgddg on September 29, 2017

CALLER ID: 213561698470
CALLER COMPANY: 213561698470

Submitted by A. De on September 18, 2017
"Scammer. Should be banned. Dangerous."



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