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Have you received a call from +1 (732) 523-6112? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number +1 (732) 523-6112

+1 (732) 523-6112 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Charles on March 02, 2016
"Kaition James sent a text requesting a massage for him and his co-workers who just finished a construction job. I use the Square as my CC Merchant, he refused stating his card wouldn't work with them. Insisted I use a Wells Fargo card reader."

CALLER ID: 17325236112

Submitted by Kins on April 03, 2015
"Same thing as above."

Submitted by Jean on March 18, 2015
"Kaition James sent a text requesting a massage for him and his co-workers who just finished a construction job. I tried calling the number but it will only allow texting.

I found another website reporting massage scams with this person but using a different number."

Submitted by Sue K on March 03, 2015
"I received a text message from a "Michael Dickson" at +1 (732) 523-6112.
The message was in grammatically incorrect English. I had heard about this scam and replied that we have limited appointments available. The sender evidently did not read or understand my reply and went on to request table massage for 10 people being delivered by limo driver. I relied, "No thanks"."

CALLER ID: (732) 523-6112

Submitted by myra petez on February 28, 2015
"This caller is texting Mr for massage services and they want me to charge a credit card $3000 when services are only $800 for my services and render difference once it clears to a limo driver..a fraud for sure!"


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