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Have you received a call from 203-881-6815? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (203) 881-6815

203-881-6815 / (203) 881-6815 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by C. Pletka on July 08, 2020
"Got a call from this number from a man saying he was Dennis Moore with V-tech Solutions. Said they had renewed my anti-viral coverage and were billing my account for $399. I have no account with said company."

Submitted by BKH on July 08, 2020
"Automated man's voice .... Call stating I'd be billed $399 - call to cancel within 48 hours - Dennis Morris, Customer Relations Manager...... NO COMPANY NAME or info on their company. The call came from 270-570-8577 but to cancel, call 203-881-6815. Came through to my landline!!"

CALLER ID: 270-570-8577

Submitted by Anonymous on July 06, 2020
"Message to my land line, poor connection, “Call (203) 881-6815 and cancel subion within 48 hours or will see a charge of $390. This is Dennis Moore, Customer Relations.”
Call was made to my land line in 304 area code, Morgantown WV at 12:45 pm Monday July 6th."

Submitted by jan Woods on July 04, 2020
"Male recorded voice saying I would be billed $399. Have no account. Said I should call back ( Dennis Morris) within 48 hours to cancel. Identified as Etek Solutions.
Did not call back."

CALLER COMPANY: E tek solutions

Submitted by Jack Allen on June 29, 2020
"A man named "Dennis" called and said that I would be billed $399 if I didn't cancel within 48 hours. I did not order anything from anyone. I did not return the call. The caller ID is not complete on my phone but the call came from 480-634-6358 not 203-881-6815. That is the number that I was asked to call back to."

CALLER ID: 480-634-6358

Submitted by Harold L Owens on June 28, 2020
"Woman caller left message saying they were billing my account for $399. Said to call customer relations manager manager Dennis Ward at 203-881-6815 if I had any questions. I have no accounts subject to such billing. I did not call back."

CALLER COMPANY: no name given


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