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Have you received a call from 208-262-0000? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (208) 262-0000

208-262-0000 / (208) 262-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Bev on March 21, 2020
"Multiple calls each day, saying my cloud has been breached."

CALLER ID: 2082620000

Submitted by Ralph on March 19, 2020
"Received call from 989-263-0297 with menu option 1 or 2 to call about Apple ICloud account being hacked with a 208-262-2000
number to call. I know its spam because
I do not own any Apple products. These people need jobs. Used my phones blocking feature.
Phone companies need to act now to help us."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by Faith on March 17, 2020
"I have received 21 calls reporting breach with my iCloud account."

Submitted by Guest User on March 17, 2020
"This call comes in from every community around us. It is not welcome and predatory. I don't answer, it goes to VoiceMail. And again, while I am writing this, using 2487171252 Milford, MI."

CALLER ID: 2487168767, 2487171796, 2487171252
CALLER COMPANY: Commerce TWP, Milford, MI

Submitted by Holly on March 15, 2020
"8 calls in 3 hours from this phone number from multiple USA locations."

CALLER ID: 208262000
CALLER COMPANY: Clins to be apple support

Submitted by Rajitha G on March 15, 2020
"Got these calls may be 12 in an hour from many different numbers"

Submitted by Kristi on March 13, 2020
"I have gotten 7 calls from this number: 609-105-4283 and 609-140-8020,609-160-2697, 609-182-2955,609-165-2729, 609-186-9499 on my house phone in the last two hours. They leave messages saying my iCloud account has suspicious activity and not to use an iPhone until I contact an Apple Support Advisor. Then I need to either press 1 for an advisory or 2 to repeat message or I can call back later on their toll free account 208-262-0000. I finally answered the last one. Some foreign guy answered. I told him I had gotten several calls from this number about my iCloud account. He said they had suspicious activity showing that my account was being used in Germany. Wanted to know if I was the one traveling overseas. I told him, "no". Then he said they would need to enact security measures on my account. He asked if I had a computer or laptop with me. I said no. He hung up! Then they called back about 10 minutes later and I answered. Pressed 1. Told him I had contacted my local sheriff's department and turned in their number. He said "That's good, that's a good idea" and hung up."

Submitted by Bonita on March 13, 2020
"9 calls in past 2 hours from various numbers and area codes, all leaving voice mail instructing to call this number. I have blocked each call as received but continue to receive same voicemail from other numbers."

Submitted by Andi on March 11, 2020
"Have received at least 9 calls in the last 2 hours...make them stop!!"

CALLER ID: 2082620000

Submitted by Patrick Cusma on March 11, 2020
"always says my apple icloud account has been breached."

CALLER ID: 3302368538 3302368407

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