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Have you received a call from 208-262-0000? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (208) 262-0000

208-262-0000 / (208) 262-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jennifer on February 17, 2020
"Received 12 calls today all showing different numbers and cities. Asked to be put on do not call list"

CALLER ID: Coshocton, oh

Submitted by Michael Byrnes on February 15, 2020
"Received 12 calls today from apple saying our computer has been accessed by Russians. It is a SCAM call. Please stop them"

Submitted by adr on February 15, 2020
"Called four times within the last hour. All incoming calls from a different number and location. I have no Apple products."

Submitted by BRIGITTE I HOWELL on February 13, 2020
"I have received a dozen calls from 208262000"

Submitted by harold connerth on February 13, 2020
"continuing calls from 200 262 0000 (this is their call back number) I don't have caller ID, I asked what they wanted, he said "your daughter""

CALLER ID: no caller ID

Submitted by Mae on February 13, 2020
""I received 12 phone calls within the last 3 days. I did not answer, then another phone call...very annoying. I put the number in my Blocked list on my phone."

CALLER ID: 203-302-6691

Submitted by Al barber on January 29, 2020
"Have gotten 15 calls from this number. I put call block on my land line but it still rings once."

CALLER COMPANY: Apple they said

Submitted by Jan on January 28, 2020
"I received 11 calls within 2 hours today from this number. The caller id shows Apple Inc. phone # but the robocall message says to return call to 208-262-0000. I have blocked both Apple phone #'s they are using. Very annoying"

CALLER ID: Apple Inc.

Submitted by Susan on January 28, 2020
"I received eight phone calls within just a short time from the above number. I wouldn’t answer, then another phone call...very annoying. I felt as if I was being harassed."

Submitted by Raf on January 27, 2020
"I cloud being comprimisr"

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