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Have you received a call from 208-262-0000? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (208) 262-0000

208-262-0000 / (208) 262-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by San Diego Native on July 10, 2020
"multiple calls within the last hour."

CALLER ID: 1-480-279-5937

Submitted by Fed up on July 10, 2020
"13 calls in less than 3 hrs all from different (818)565 #s, with all the same automated message,Apple support, breach in my Apple I-cloud, and leaving same call back # 0f(208)262-0000"

CALLER ID: 818-565-

Submitted by KD on July 10, 2020
"10 calls/voicemails in the last hour with this number. number of origin from California 424-891-different last 4 or Virginia 276-891- different last 4. "Claims" to be Apple support. DO NOT OWN ANY Apple products! Different number every time, same VM left.
VERY disruptive!!!"


Submitted by Maryellen H Cameron on July 10, 2020
"Calls from multiple locations as the caller ID with voice mail messages to call the number in this report. Have received six calls in the last 15 minutes."


Submitted by Janette on July 09, 2020
"Calls don’t come from this number and the callers truncated voicemail (beginning cut off) does not say the reason for the call. Voicemail includes the 208-262-0000 call back number. I’ve had 4 calls today, all from different numbers with Virginia and California locations."

CALLER ID: ‭+1 (757) 274-8124‬

Submitted by John on July 09, 2020
"Apple support call.....your security has been breached"

Submitted by Disgusted on July 09, 2020
"12 calls in 1 hour. I don’t answer. They leave a message call 208-262-0000"

CALLER ID: 408-735-xxxx

Submitted by CINDIE borszich on July 09, 2020
"repeated calls very disruptive to my business, reported to FCC every day. FCC does nothing."

CALLER ID: 434-865-9165

Submitted by Angry on July 08, 2020
"10 calls in an hour caller id indicates Northrop Grumman."

CALLER ID: Northrop Grumman

Submitted by Irritated on July 08, 2020
"5 calls in an hr from Sunnyside CA. All numbers start with 408-735-xxxx. 3rd call I pressed 1 for a representative. He hung up when I asked to be removed from their calling list. 4th time I asked for a supervisor and was told no and that they would not remove my number from their call list. The woman just kept screaming at me until I hung up."

CALLER ID: Sunnyside CA

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