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Have you received a call from 209-813-2491? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (209) 813-2491

209-813-2491 / (209) 813-2491 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Faith M Yoder on August 29, 2020
""Officer Brian O'CONNOR" badge #SSM1012505. Recorded call regarding fraud with my ssn, clicked 1, then the "officer" started to verify my information. I Refused to answer after a couple questions. He then hung up on me."

CALLER ID: 302 985 6296

Submitted by Erin on January 15, 2019
This number called last year saying they were the IRS I have this message saved from last week saying they were an FSA agent, today this is their last attempt to contact me about my Social Security!!!
Final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and to speak with the FSA agent call us back on 209-813-2491 I repeat it 209-813-2491 thank you…”

12098132491 Depositing new message Final attempt to reach you to resolve this issue immediately and to speak with a SSA agent call us back on 209-813-2491. I repeat it 209-813-2491. Thank you.. Click here: 14699825000 to listen to full voice message."

CALLER ID: 2098132491

Submitted by Ida on January 15, 2019
"Says he from social security. Saying my social security number was used in renting a car and there is an investigation cuz the car was found abandened .there was good so over in if car and drugs and lots of money. He had my full name and last 4 digits of my social security number. Ask I g about my banks n credit cards and income that's when I hung up on him without giving any information on that stuff. Be aware that are very convincing .. Remember social security won't call you without you getting a letter that told you first hand the issues at hand.California is where the call says from and this is the name he gave along with badge number ( which I'm sure is fake) me Roy Johnson badge # ssm1012505 then he gave me a case number which I won't give thronged it was really case number that he hacked."


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