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Have you received a call from 413-475-6765? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (413) 475-6765

413-475-6765 / (413) 475-6765 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by One pissed off Momma on October 17, 2019
"I got the same message that they were paid $1500 to assassinate me and I had 2 hours to get them $2000 right when I walked out of the courthouse. They kept calling me and texting me. So I called my husband and he called the crew. They were blowing up the phone number by calling and texting and this ***** er kept saying my husband was sneaking out and cheating me and screwing my best friend. I started laughing after that because I think he might have gotten my ex husband confused with my current husband. Lol!! But when you want to put my kids life endanger then we got a problem."

CALLER ID: 413-475-6765

Submitted by i wish on October 16, 2019
"This a$$hole sends messages threatening to assassinate you in order to collect money. the crazy thing is they do know information about you, but the english is so terrible that you can tell it is a scam and the fact that they want you to go get all the money on an Amazon Gift Card from Wal_mart"

CALLER ID: 413-475-6765


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