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Have you received a call from 413-893-0200? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (413) 893-0200

413-893-0200 / (413) 893-0200 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Christina A Joyce on February 05, 2019
"Lee Anne left message that sounded as tho Eversource called. I returned call which was answered as Customer Choice. She was not available and will call back. I won't answer."

CALLER ID: 774-408-5856
CALLER COMPANY: Customer Choice

Submitted by Brian on February 04, 2019
"They won't tell me why they are calling. Scam! Leann supposedly."

Submitted by rc on January 29, 2019
"Same scam call from either Leanne or Briane telling me to call back with my Eversource bill in hand ...told to call 413-893-0200 but displays as 508-454-8572 like multiple other scam calls beginning with 508-454...."

CALLER ID: 5084548572

Submitted by MB on January 28, 2019
"Scam caller "Brianne" asking you to call back with Eversouce bill. The caller ID reflected a local town number to deceive the owner to pickup the phone. Another scam !"

CALLER ID: 508-224-5871


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