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456-464-5512 / (456) 464-5512 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Lisa M on August 05, 2014
"called twice, left no message.
found websites to verify that this is a scam to try to get into your computer. I guess he says your computer is sending him error messages. If you go to google and put in "can my computer send errors" you will see it CAN NOT! which proves it is a scam. I see that he swears at most people I am sure that Microsoft is not going to call their customers and swear at them. Other then blocking them from calling again there really isn't anything else we can do but alert each other. Good Luck"

CALLER ID: 456-464-5512

Submitted by jlb on July 30, 2014
"man with Indian accent called to say he would help with computer..Told him two days in a row this is a cell phone and not to call back or he would be reported"

CALLER ID: 1-456-464-5512

Submitted by Mary B on July 26, 2014
"called, said he was from Windows operating system. I said I don't have windows and hung up. Luckily, I had heard about these calls"

CALLER ID: 456 464 5512
CALLER COMPANY: Windows Operating System

Submitted by scam reporter on July 26, 2014
"Man with heavy India accent called my mom same story about him calling from windows (not possible)said she had a "windows problem" on her computer and wanted to get it fixed for her. I came to her house and heard the last part of the conversation where he started yelling at her about not paying him to help her fix her computer. He had convinced her to share access to her computer and then wanted her to set up a paypal account to pay him at which time she refused! I got on the phone and ask him who he was and when he said "windows" I asked him what company he was representing? He started yelling at me, "do you have ears, do you have eyes"? I told him Microsoft owns the program windows, and he was a scammer and hung up on him. I then saw the cursor on my moms computer moving around by itself and ask if she had allowed him access to share her screen and unfortunately, yes she told me she had been on the phone for over 30 minutes with this man and my mother is not tech or computer literate and believed him. Additionally, he wiped her whole computer and now has access to the Verizon network she has. Hopefully we can get Verizon to help reset the router and modem so that he can not get access to the other computers on the same network."

CALLER ID: 4564645512

Submitted by Bill on July 24, 2014
"Same story as all the rest. 2nd time the call came in as Name Unavailable."

Submitted by Billy Hertz on July 18, 2014
"got a call from Denmark"

Submitted by Paver on July 17, 2014
"Scammer knew my name; ended up laughing when I told him he was naughty and I knew it was a scam."

CALLER ID: 456-464-5512

Submitted by Amy on July 17, 2014
"I've been getting a call from a man with a very prominent Indian accent, he keeps calling me about my "Windows Computer" the first time, and several after that I simply told him that we do not own any computers or phones with Windows operating systems, and asked him to remove me from his calling list. Well I just got yet another phone call from the same man about my "Windows Computer" I was very irritated and told him that I considered his constant calls to be borderline harassment and said "You need to take me off your calling list", he replied "And Ma'am, exactly what the fck are you going to do about it if I do not take you off my calling list" ...WHAT!?!... He then proceeded to call me some nasty names and swear, which obviously made me very angry and I began to do the same, then realized he's not worth my time and hung up... I know which number I'm going to be blocking!"

CALLER COMPANY: Company name unknown, but he calls re: Windows Computers

Submitted by Nancy P on July 17, 2014
"Heavy Indian voice said there was a problem with my Windows on my computer"

CALLER ID: 4564645512

Submitted by Peaches on July 15, 2014
"Heavy Indian voice - I'm calling from windows"

CALLER ID: 4564645512

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