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Have you received a call from 469-300-0312? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (469) 300-0312

469-300-0312 / (469) 300-0312 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by C Young on January 29, 2021
"Officer Maratha
reporting fraud on my SS Account! X Tax Accountant knows this is a scam!"

CALLER ID: 469-300-0312

Submitted by D on January 29, 2021
"These idiots called me 6x acting like they were actually officers of the social security administration. I asked for name and badge numbers: they have me
Mike Jones (who LOL) badge number 545216
Jason Brown badge number CI86522
Both are obviously FAKE! I called them back and asked them why they are trying to scam people?!! They have no answer, just tell them they are scammers and hey will end the call!"

CALLER ID: Bardwell TX
CALLER COMPANY: Social Security Administration

Submitted by April on January 29, 2021
"I keep receiving calls & voicemail from this # and said she is Officer Martha Cooper from Department of Social Security Administration and the reason to call because there are some legal enforcement actions filed on your Social Security number for fraudulent activities."

CALLER ID: 4693000312
CALLER COMPANY: Social Security Administration

Submitted by Elaine on March 27, 2017
"I also received a call from 469-300-0312 Charles Ryanson/206-629-6036 Ben Morgan. The "representative" told me that he was from Health and Human Services and that I was ed to received a grant from the government for $14,556.00 because I helped the government to not spend any extra money. I gave him all the information that he requested and $500 in apple iTunes money, he asked for all the codes of the iTunes and I gave them to him, then he said he needs $1,000 to pay the taxes to IRS, I told him that I don't have more money, he also offer to pay half, I told him that I want my money back and he said they will send a check with my $500. Few weeks later I called and I hear that the phone was disconnected due to scam. Sorry for me I gave away $500."

Submitted by Solomon on February 26, 2017
"I received a call from 469-565-0412. The "representative" told me that he was from Health and Human Services and that I was getting a grant from the government for $14,556.00 because I helped the government to not spend any extra money. I gave him all the information that he requested and $150 in apple iTunes money but I didn't have enough money to give him the full $400 that he requested. I believed him because I had just paid my tithes (10) and I thought the call was the universes way of saying, "I'm listening to you" and was paying me back. But when he asked me for my card number I thought something was fishy but I didn't want to think that people and life would be working against me. Instinct said no but I thought I should just trust that the universe is working in my favor. He also asked me to overdraw my account because I would get the money back with in 5 minutes but I couldn't because I had opted out of overdraft privileges. Thank God I did. I will be canceling my card today and ordering a new one from my bank. If they needed the money so bad that they feel the need to rob and steal to get it, I'm glad they received what they needed. However, karma does exist. I'm glad I was able to give to the needy. My blessings will now increase. Thank God.

I hope that anyone else who is contacted finds this message before sharing their hard earned money with these disparate and desperate people.


CALLER ID: 4695650412
CALLER COMPANY: Department of Health and Human Services

Submitted by Maria Andrade on February 23, 2017
""Caller stated I won a government grant... 14.566 dollar - Grant doner Apple -
First person name to call Kaisy Henry, after she verified all my info, she knew everything.She passed the call to Loren Harrison - ID LH00789 - Phone 469 300 0312 - extension 013
915 2nd Ave - Seattle, WA 98174
They ask me for my bank a account.
So I told him that I will verify his information and I will call him back with my bank account. He hang up....SCAM?"

CALLER ID: 2404474572
CALLER COMPANY: Health & Human Services

Submitted by Joshua Grigsby on February 22, 2017
"Caller stated I won a government grant...they told me my DLN..had my info..I provided a card NO .and then told me I had to load 400 bucks for Itunes..I kept questioning to which he stated I was laughing and to also take him off speaker to which he was not on..Very persistant on giving free money yet I needed to pay for it first...SCAM"

CALLER ID: 4695650412

Submitted by Britni on February 21, 2017
"I also received this call. And I've received it from two other numbers two days ago. I told them I didn't want the grant money and to pick someone else. Then she repeated someone else will be calling me. I asked to speak to her supervisor she said no. She repeated to tell me I'd be called again and again. I told her I'm not comfortable giving my information and if the government wanted to give me a grant they would know my information."

Submitted by Susan on February 20, 2017
"I received a call from this number. The guy had a very strong accent that was hard to understand. He said he was from branch of the government and I was eligible for a grant. I told him no thank you. I knew it was a scam and to please remove my number from their system. So far, they have called back 13 times in the past half hour. I tried to call it back but a recording comes on that says the number is no longer in use. Crazy!"

CALLER ID: 4197421473
CALLER COMPANY: A US Government Agency

Submitted by rita lemberg on February 20, 2017
"said it was Health & Human Services, 915 Second Avenue; Seattle, Wash 98174 a government grant department giving me a $15K grant for being a good citizen, clean record, blah, blah. They wanted to verify last 4 digits of my SS# and my drivers license number. Told me to call their grant manager at 469-300-0312 to get the money. They have called me a total of around 10 times."

CALLER ID: Put-In-Bay, Ohio 419-742-1473
CALLER COMPANY: Health & Human Services

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