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Have you received a call from 469-797-6441? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (469) 797-6441

469-797-6441 / (469) 797-6441 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kim long on February 08, 2021
"You came in 2nd in the AT&T CONTEST! Claim your bounty here or show this code at AT&T store"

CALLER ID: 4697976441

Submitted by Report the call on February 02, 2021
"Text with link saying the time of dispatch of the USPS package has been changed. Ink to please confirm"

Submitted by Tara marie on January 20, 2021
"Saying i wont a ps5 from amazom"

CALLER ID: 14697976441

Submitted by White on January 19, 2021
"Some chick named cindy from tictok telling my boyfriend she is horny and sent nude pics"

CALLER ID: 4697976441

Submitted by Susan on January 18, 2021
"various text messages from 469 area code - I have blocked then all of them - messages vary from AT&T, identity theft, amazon all with link - lastest from phone number below"

CALLER ID: 469-797-6441

Submitted by David on January 18, 2021
"Text message from 4697976441, claiming to be from AT&T. I do not see AT&T sending out text messages at 5:08 AM. To me this is certainly a scam, especially since myAT&T has recently been targeted by scammers."

Submitted by Kelley on January 15, 2021
"Text came in from number stating my netflix account would be locked due to decline payment.

I don't have netflix!!!!!"

CALLER ID: 4697976441

Submitted by Beatrice torres on January 13, 2021
"Being harrassed by that caller saying I have been victim of identity theft and that my credit record is compromised."

Submitted by Patty on January 11, 2021
"Text stating "You are a victim of identity theft"."


Submitted by Kelly on January 07, 2021
"Txt saying I am an Amazon winner"

CALLER ID: 469-797-6441


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