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Have you received a call from 503-389-8198? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (503) 389-8198

503-389-8198 / (503) 389-8198 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Tim on July 31, 2020
"“Hello good afternoon this is an urgent message intended for “insert name” my name is Michelle Michaels calling from NSI and the reason for my call today is in order to verify location information in regards to a pending civil complaint against “insert name” has recently been placed of our office in order to complete this location verification “insert name” and or “insert names” attorney will need to contact the NSI agents office immediately at phone number 888…”"

CALLER ID: 5033898198

Submitted by Kitty on July 10, 2020
"Pervert man keeps singing and talking dirty"

CALLER ID: +15033898198

Submitted by Bunny on July 06, 2020
"They have called here several times claiming to be from NSI and saying there is a pending civil suite. They will not give any information about who filed the claim or what it is about other than a case number to give to someone at another number. There is no civil suite. It is a scam. The number they refer to is 888-501-0098"

CALLER ID: North Plains Oregon

Submitted by Amanda M Williams on March 02, 2020
"Said they are homeland security and I have a claim against me and an attorney or myself needs to call back before they take action without my consent..."

CALLER ID: 5033898198

Submitted by Dan on October 30, 2019
"These people call claiming to be from an agency that does not exist - Federal Location Services. They say they're looking for a (insert random first and last name here). They use all the cliche "convincing" threatening and scare tactics most scam callers use. And when I look up the fictional agency, I see many people filing complaints with this fictional place under the BBB website with similar (but not the same) story. Essentially they end the message in a manner that suggests they're about to come busting through your door to get you/make you pay some debt you do not owe. The number they gave to call on the second voicemail was closer matches to the numbers the complaints on the BBB website listed. An 888 number. The number is again threatening, intimidating even sometimes convincing, but is a total scam and not to be trusted. They are relentless too about it. So be sure to take a look at what each person filing complaints against it describe to recognize when it is this specific scam group that is contacting you. Best practice is to always ignore them and do not answer them."

CALLER COMPANY: Federal Location Services


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