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Have you received a call from 512-537-8479? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (512) 537-8479

512-537-8479 / (512) 537-8479 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Greg Rislov on May 27, 2021
"Officer Shawn Peterson introduced himself as being from the Social Security Administration.
I was on a conference call so I hung up before the message was completed.

I assume it was a spoofed local number. When he stated his topic I decided it was illegitimate."

CALLER ID: 605 280-4503

Submitted by njs on August 12, 2019
"same as all the others"

CALLER ID: 512-537-8479

Submitted by Nancy N. on August 02, 2019
"Caller identified himself only as representative of SSA, saying my SSN was subject to a report for criminal activity. Insisted that I return call immediately to avoid charges."

CALLER ID: 5125378479

Submitted by K on July 31, 2019
""Officer Sean Peterson of the Social Security Administration [...] legal enforcement action filed against you for criminal activities""

CALLER ID: 5125378479
CALLER COMPANY: Dept of the Social Security Admin

Submitted by 5125378479 on July 30, 2019
"Same message as others. These people need to get real jobs."

Submitted by Private on July 30, 2019
"I am calling because your social security number has been involved in criminal activities and a legal enforcement is pending. Before we proceed with the legal procedure, you need to call us at 512-537-8479. Again that's 512-537-8479. Thank you.""

CALLER ID: 5125378479

Submitted by DS on July 26, 2019
"Recorded message from a private number. Said it was Officer Sean Peterson from the Social Security Administration and I needed to call immediately to avoid legal action due to illegal activity on my SSN."

CALLER ID: Private

Submitted by UK on July 26, 2019
"“Hi this is Officer Sean Peterson I'm calling you from the Department of Social Security in the deion the reason you have received this phone call from our department is just to inform you that there is a legal enforcement action filed against on your Social Security number for criminal activities so when you get this message kindly call as soon as possible on our number that is 512-537-8479 again that is 512-537-8479 before we proceed with the legal procedure thank you…”"

Submitted by Xxxxxxx on July 26, 2019
"Received a call from this number with 5he same message as above."

CALLER ID: 512-537-8479

Submitted by AK on July 26, 2019
"Received a call from this number stating there has been some criminal activity on my SS number please call immediately."


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