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Have you received a call from 637-515-0000? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (637) 515-0000

637-515-0000 / (637) 515-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Deb on July 12, 2018
"caller said he was from RBC and that my account may have been compromised and did I make a $780 transaction in the last 10 mins and did I know Dave Wilson and that they were going to protect my card and put high security on it - all I had to do was give them my bank card number. They of course couldn't give me any account information for security reasons. When I said I would not give my card number they hung up"

Submitted by Mosey on February 21, 2018
"This number has moved on to being a scam saying they are from RBC and your card has been compromised. Played along for a bit giving him false information. The only information they have is from where they get it from a phonebook. Then try to fish out more. Didn't have my first name birthdate that the bank would have. Just gave him false information that he agree to so I knew it was a scam. When I told him finally that I don't even bank there he hung up."

CALLER ID: 16375150000

Submitted by Joanne on August 22, 2017
"Called at 8:15 AM. I did not answer because I was sleeping. It appears to be someone saying they are from Microsoft."

CALLER ID: 637-515-0000

Submitted by Mary on May 31, 2017
"Spam. Call and say they are from Windows and actually they well destroy your computer. Hang up"

Submitted by Mike on May 31, 2017
"Called claiming that they work for the govt and that I have been randomly ed for a college grant that I don't have to pay back for $9,500. Yeah right. Total scam"

CALLER ID: 637-515-0000

Submitted by Marian Garber on February 28, 2017
"They call before 7:00 AM and wake us. I has happened about 7 times. Either a man says hello or says nothing. Then you hear "good day"."

CALLER ID: 637-515-0000

Submitted by Mohamed on July 19, 2016
"They have Indiana accent and tried to make me go to some websites to download some links but I knew it's a scam."

Submitted by SLC on June 07, 2016
"no one answers"

CALLER COMPANY: 637-515-0000

Submitted by Marsha on June 02, 2016
"He said he was calling me Microsoft about "Windows, okay?" That's a quote."

CALLER ID: 637-515-000

Submitted by Terri on April 26, 2016
"they called me and said they were calling from Microsoft I told him I wasn't giving him any of my financial information he asked me to suck his ...., I asked him if he had one, he said he did. I told him to spit it out cause it wasn't his. He laughed out loud."

CALLER ID: 6375150000

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