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Have you received a call from 713-489-7846? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (713) 489-7846

713-489-7846 / (713) 489-7846 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by maurice on September 07, 2014
"i could not understand the called because of the thick accent"

CALLER ID: 713-489-7846

Submitted by Lori on March 20, 2014
"Received call on my voice mail from a male who stated he was in either an Indiana or Idaho prison and to call him back. Of course I didn't. I have a prepaid plan but am considering a contracted plan but I don't want unexpected charges from this scam number."

CALLER ID: 713-489-7846

Submitted by Laura on January 18, 2014
"i have been getting theses nuisance calls for quite a while, it tells me that they are coming from an Indiana corrections facility, i have made numerous attempts to block this number and it has become an impossible task. especially when i am on a prepaid phone. i have spoken with Indiana dept of corrections and they assured me that it was not coming from them. 713 is a Texas area code. my daughter receives the same calls from her boyfriend who is in an Ohio corrections facility so i am not sure if when some one is calling from any corrections facility, that the calls are routed to one centralized number nationwide. the calls are becoming annoying and wasting my time and minutes."

CALLER ID: 7134897846

Submitted by Ma M on April 22, 2013
"This # keeps calling me constantly for 3 months +\- and requests me to enter 8 to stop the calls but I fear that may set a response that will result in their further unknown actions,,, who are these people? They appear to be in San Diego area and are called inmate /something? And global automated payment system, please advise ASAP. Thank you"



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