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Have you received a call from 714-363-9182? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (714) 363-9182

714-363-9182 / (714) 363-9182 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jose cabello on January 10, 2022
"Nsi gave me case number said that they were Mediator ready to file a complaint either at my place of business or at home that they had two addresses they wanted me to call back and confirm which one was the address they were looking for for"

CALLER ID: 714-363-9182
CALLER COMPANY: Compliance department

Submitted by confused on July 18, 2021
"they start by saying this is DDS and that either me or my attorney needs to call back they gave me a case number and that i must contact they by end of day they gave me a number to call them back at 1888-303-3521
all this was a message I never Picked up my phone."

CALLER ID: 714-363-9182

Submitted by N/a on May 19, 2020
"They called as NSI, wanting me to give my father their phone number 888-366-5581 and gave me a case number. They wouldn’t disclose why they wanted to reach him, nor anything about the company until I asked direct questions. I asked them what NSI stood for, Notification services inc, what kind of company they were, a location and preparation company. I asked if someone hired them to find my father and she said yes. I asked why, and what kind of case this was, and she responded that she could not disclose “federal information with me”, that my father would have to call with him case number for more information. I told her I was reluctant to pass off this information to my father without further information, and she just kept repeating, “well okay, you can just have him call for more information “. I had to reiterate that I was reluctant to even alert him of this phone call because it sounded fraudulent, and she hung up."

Submitted by Confused on April 28, 2020
"(summary, not exact words)
This is NSI with a message for ____ there is a case against you, case reference # xxx-xx-xx . If you do not contact us at (888) 710-5940 this matter will further escalate to court processing. You have been notified."


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