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Have you received a call from 714-591-8179? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (714) 591-8179

714-591-8179 / (714) 591-8179 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kate on April 07, 2021
"Said I was being sued and they were going to deliver papers to me. I asked who was suing and why. He said he did not have to tell me. I said then why are you. I pushed harder for info and he hung up. But before he hung up said I would go to jail for not responding or appearing in Court. I live in another State and NOT CA."

CALLER ID: 1+714-591-8179
CALLER COMPANY: Garden Grove, Ca

Submitted by Crystal J on May 20, 2019
"We were scheduled to deliver legal documents; not sure if you were aware of your paperwork, but it was missed; you have two hours to call and get this rescheduled to avoid any further legal issues; the firm that is handling this is at 213-282-8304; the reference # is 1340798-19NV; if there is no response, this will serve as consent to proceed findings will be added in the process; this message is proof of notification; again, please call 213-282-8304."

CALLER ID: Restricted

Submitted by Victoria on May 15, 2019
""received a call from this number saying I had 2 hrs to return the call or tey would file for a court order. Gave the call back number as 213-282-8304.""

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Maggie on April 26, 2019
"received a call from this number saying I had 2 hrs to return the call or tey would file for a court order. Gave the call back number as 213-282-8304."

CALLER ID: 714-591-8179

Submitted by Michelle Esquivel on February 09, 2018
"The message stated SPD i had 2 hours needed to call now to avoid further legal action and cost reference complaint number 1150753-19CA also left to call back 424-305-5837"

CALLER ID: 714-591-8179

Submitted by l.mercedes on December 16, 2016
"Call indicating that I have to appear in court and they could hold the information to court for less than two hours."


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